Brush Fire

Norwich Burn Permits
Call Fire Warden Linda Cook

Leave a message with the following information (she will return your call):

  1. Your name, telephone number, date, size of the pile, and the locatable address.
  2. Text a picture of your burn pile to Warden Cook at 1-603-208-7847.
  3. Call Warden Cook when you are planning to light a pit fire, or campfire.

Mon, Wed & Fri from 7am – 11am
Fire Warden Cook will be issuing Burn Permits in the rear parking lot of the Fire & Police Building (enter and exit from Hazen Street). Please wear a mask and bring a pen to sign your Burn Permit.

When planning to burn, please make sure the rules to kindle are followed, these rules can also be found on the back of your burn permit.

  1. This permit is valid for place and time stated.
  2. This permit in no way relieves the person whom it is granted from any liability related to the fire or any damages it might cause.
  3. The person setting the fire must at all times have sufficient help and tools present to control the fire. 
  4. Only natural wood material may be burned under this permit. Other materials burned require an Air Pollution permit as well as this permit.
  5. The fire must not be left until it is entirely extinguished.
  6. Restricted materials cannot be used to ignite natural wood materials.
  7. Any special conditions written on this permit are considered as part of “conditions to burn”.
  8. If any permit condition is not followed, then the permit is immediately invalid and you will be burning illegally.
  9. Violation of the conditions of this permit may result in the permittee receiving a “Vermont Fire Prevention Ticket” which will result in court action and a fine for each day of violation.
  10. If you do not understand the law or have further questions, contact your local forest fire warden before you burn. This permit may be cancelled for cause at any time.

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Fire Warden Cook at 1-603-208-7847