The purpose of these guidelines are to provide for the public safety, good, necessity and convenience of the residents of Norwich and users of private driveways in Norwich and to assist in the implementation of long range plans and objectives of the Town of Norwich as set forth in the Norwich Town Plan and the Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances.


  • The following guidelines for construction of private driveways should be met for any private driveway serving one lot or one dwelling unit.
  • Any driveway serving more than one lot or dwelling unit is required to meet the requirements of the Private highway Specifications.
  • A Norwich Highway Access Permit is required for Private Driveway accessed from a Town highway.


  • Driveways are private roads providing access to only one residence and are not regulated by the Town except for where they intersect with a town highway. The following guidelines are the minimum recommended standards for providing access for emergency vehicles. Failure to meet these guidelines may result in reduced access and protection for fire, rescue and medical emergencies.
  • Minimum width of travel portion of driveway of 12′ or 10′ with 1′ shoulders.
  • All weather road surface and base capable of supporting 43,500 pound GVW vehicles with 27,000 pound rear axle load.
  • Maximum grade of 12%, 10% preferred.
  • Minimum horizontal road curve centerline radius of 40′ for ambulance, pumper and tanker and 50′ for aerial ladder access.
  • Turnoffs every 500′ or less if sight lines require.
  • Driveways designed to allow fire apparatus to park within a maximum of 100′ of the structure. Fifty feet is preferred.
  • Houses located more than 1,000′ from a town highway should provide a staging area within 1,000′ of the house for multiple emergency vehicles.
  • All weather maintenance to full width of driveway including plowing and sanding as necessary.
  • Houses in remote areas or with a driveway that does not meet these guidelines should give serious consideration to an on-site water supply and a residential sprinkler system.