What We Stand For

Norwich Ladder 1 at DuskThe Norwich Fire Department’s mission is to protect life, property and the environment. This is accomplished by providing high quality fire suppression, rescue, first responder emergency medical, hazardous materials, fire prevention and public education services.


The Norwich Fire Department will function as a team with members who are efficient, effective and dedicated to our community. We will accomplish our mission with a physically fit and healthy workforce, well-trained in the functions and specialized skills needed to fulfill our mission. Our equipment will be dependable, capable and meet the needs of our community. We will embrace cutting-edge technology emphasizing firefighter safety and efficient and effective fire, rescue and EMS operations. We will maintain a unified and functional organizational structure consistent with NIMS. We will be recognized as a regional leader by our community and neighbors. We will accomplish our tasks with pride, respect and confidence. We support the development of adequate station and training facilities to provide for a high degree of firefighter safety, optimal response and quality service delivery. We support excellence in training and will endeavor to provide appropriate and progressive continuing education opportunities for our members. We will maintain a well-integrated fire, rescue and EMS function that is integrated with other service providers in our area. We will strive to improve the timeliness and efficiency of the dispatch and response of our emergency services personnel and maintain a reliable records management system to assist us in continuing to improve service delivery.


Our personnel are our most valuable resource. We will strive to be a commendable organization based on integrity, teamwork and respect. We expect high moral and ethical behavior from all of our members. We recognize the importance of family in maintaining the physical, mental and emotional health of our members. We will utilize all of our resources to provide the best service we can to our community. We desire to have a high level of satisfaction within our community for the services we provide.

We appreciate the dedication and commitment of each member of our department and encourage responsible decision-making at the most appropriate level. We value the citizens and people who live, work and visit our community. We recognize the importance of personal and professional development. We encourage imaginative problem solving, innovation, resourcefulness, and responsible risk-taking. We are committed to continuous improvement in our services. We desire to provide compassionate care and treatment of all citizens who need our services. We are honest, accountable and trustworthy. We will courageously confront adversity, accept responsibility for our actions, and provide respectful and professional service to the public.