If you truly want to make a difference in the lives of those around you, please consider joining the Norwich Fire Department. Protecting lives and property is hard work, but you’ll find few things that give you deeper personal satisfaction. We’re the ones who get out of bed at three in the morning to protect you when your basement is full of smoke. We quickly and safely extricate people involved in car accidents. When brush fires get out of control and threaten homes, we’re the first line of defense. And if you have a medical emergency we will be there to help.

You will be issued a pager, and we ask that you respond to as many calls as you can. We understand that some of our responders cannot leave their jobs during the day.
You need to be fit, but not a bodybuilder. Running up a couple flights of stairs should not leave you winded, and you should expect strenuous activity from time to time. Our firefighters range in age up to 64.
All our members are trained in the specialized skills required to do the job safely and efficiently, using dependable, state-of-the-art equipment. You’ll be assigned a mentor to help you every step of the way, and will not be pushed beyond your capabilities. We have training for Emergency Medical Technicians the first Monday night of each month and firefighters the second and third Monday nights of each month.
Our department averages 240 calls per year.
Yes. The pay rate is $21.98 per hour when you are on a call. You are also paid $20 for the third Monday training drill, which is necessary to keep your skills operational.
Our department is recognized as among the best volunteer departments in the region, and we accomplish our tasks with pride, respect and confidence. You’ll be joining an organization based on integrity, teamwork and respect. You’ll work hard, make new friends, and provide vital help to your neighbors when they need it the most.
For a member of the EMS Division NREMT and Vermont EMS EMT-B. We will pay for the training if you make a commitment to be an active member of the department. For a member of the Fire/Rescue Division: Department provided training. For an Interior Firefighter: Firefighter I and Hazardous Materials Operations. See the job descriptions on the Fire Department Recruitment page for additional details.